About Core Support

Core Support is a consulting, technical support and training company committed to providing expert, solidly designed and creative IT solutions for our customers. We help businesses, schools and individuals develop and implement IT plans that maintain their computers, software, datacenter and networks. We build and put into operation strategies for our customers that result in successful IT infrastructures, address backup and recovery of data solutions and produce reliable network configurations. We also recommend hardware and software purchases and upgrade paths.

Why we're successful:

We focus on our clients’ goals. We take the time to listen to our clients’ needs, develop plans to achieve our clients’ objectives and execute strategies with minimal work on the part of clients. Our services are cost effective and produce measurable results. We design projects in segments so that clients can see results as they happen.

We're experts.

Our high level of technical expertise allows us to produce solutions that are easy to use, easy to maintain and very productive.

We're fast.

We work quickly to solve problems, provide technical support and offer training.

We're knowledgeable.

We are constantly evaluating technologies and trends to be able to provide our clients with expert advice and assistance when selecting and using hardware and software.